#1 Family Violence Intervention Program(s) Georgia

Family violence intervention programs are usually twenty-four-week state-approved programs where offenders or self-appointed people get together in group sessions for ninety minutes or more. FVIP programs are designed for people with charges dealing with battery, family violence, domestic violence, and other offenses of that nature.

Those who do not have a charge but know they have a habit or inclination of losing their temper and striking their significant other are also prime candidates for family violence intervention programs. The curriculum is designed to promote nonviolence in domestic relationships and families.

There are many ways to negotiate and be fair with your partner without being controlling. During the twenty-four weeks, you will learn how to become a more trustworthy and supportive person to your family or significant other. For example, knowing how to tell the truth and what to say when telling the truth is one way of becoming a more accountable person.

There are so many topics that can be discussed in family violence intervention programs, from good parenting to learning how to take responsibility which is one of the reasons why the program can be seen as long and extensive. If taken seriously and attended regularly, a person dealing with family violence issues can get the right type of intervention they need to make changes for not only themselves but for the generation to come. GET A FREE QUOTATION TODAY! Say Hello, 800-683-7745

$89 Alcohol and Drug Evaluation(s) Georgia

If you have been charged with a criminal offense that is alcohol or drug-related you will more than likely be required to undergo an alcohol and drug evaluation. It is important to take this evaluation seriously and have an end goal in mind.

Getting an evaluation done properly and early can oftentimes help with negotiations and help reduce the severity of any consequences you may receive for said charge or offense. An alcohol and drug evaluation will consist of a self-reporting questionnaire in which you will answer some alcohol, drug, and lifestyle questions.

Depending on your history a proper evaluation can take anywhere from one to two hours. Your evaluator will dive deep into your answers and ask questions related to the criminal charge that brought you to them. It is important to be truthful when answering questions as it can only help you in the long run whereas giving false answers can lead to repeated activity that will result in having to do another evaluation.

Alcohol and drug evaluations are set in place to help determine if you are alcohol or drug dependent and give you treatment options if necessary. It is very important to follow all treatment recommendations not only for the court system but for your own personal benefit as well. to know more Visit us for any Query or help we are happy to help you.

DUI Evaluation Georgia

What is a DUI Evaluation? Driving under the influence is not only detrimental to your life but also comes with a boatload of consequences if a DUI charge becomes attached to it.

The potential to lose everything from work to the ability to drive and operate a motor vehicle becomes daunting because of how long a DUI can stay on your record. Although DUI’s are not taken lightly in the eyes of the court systems, there are proactive steps and measures set in place to help drivers who get behind the wheel while they are inebriated.

What is a DUI Evaluation

Unlike other medical consultations, a DUI evaluation allows violators the opportunity to talk about their current and past habits as well as personal relationships and work history with the end goal of figuring out how drinking/drug use has affected these parts of their life.

Being honest during an evaluation doesn’t create more trouble for a violator, instead, it creates a way for that person to get proper treatment for the issues that led to a DUI charge.

Many people may not know this but a DUI charge on your record is not only an offense but also a potential to lose everything. This type of charge can stay on your record for several years, which means that it can affect your ability to keep or get a job. A lot of states have adopted a zero-tolerance policy to driving under the influence which means that you will be dealing with some type of serious penalty if you are found guilty. At the same time state and local
governments are also deciding to take a more proactive and compassionate approach to DUIs by trying to get people the help they need to stop their habits of getting behind the wheel while inebriated. One of these proactive approaches includes having DUI offenders undergo a DUI Evaluation.

DUI Classes and Treatment

Although hearing that you must take a DUI evaluation can be intimidating when you are already dealing with legal trouble, there is nothing to worry about. DUI evaluations are set in place to help your DUI case so it is always best to be truthful whereas not being truthful during the assessment could cause you to end up with even more serious penalties.
A lot like any other type of medical consultation, DUI evaluations last around an hour to ninety minutes. During the time of the evaluation, you will speak with a substance abuse professional who will ask you a certain number of questions about your current and past habits.
You may very well be asked to fill out a questionnaire such as an alcohol use inventory. If you are asked about personal relationships and work history this information can be used to find out if drinking or using drugs has affected those parts of your life. A mental health screening is also a normal part of DUI evaluations as a means to find out if you may have any underlying health
conditions that affect your ability to avoid driving under the influence. At the end of the DUI evaluation, once all of the information is gathered, the evaluator will review it along with other possible evidence from your arrest. If you have any prior history when it comes to DUI’s this can also be used for assessment purposes.

At the end of the DUI evaluation, all the information and results will be put together in a single report. If it is found that you are at risk of having a substance abuse problem or getting another DUI, then you may be referred to seek further treatment such as ASAM Classes. https://www.aacscounseling.com/asam-classes/

SAP Evaluation(s) Georgia

The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) has a mission to ensure that America has the safest, most efficient, and modern transportation system in the world.

Emphasis on the word “safest”. For example,  any employee that does not comply or adhere to DOT alcohol and drug regulations is at risk of losing their job.

SAP evaluations are a great way to help employees return to their safety-sensitive duties after a violation has occurred. They are administered by certified substance abuse professionals with the intention of evaluating an employee in order to determine whether there is a substance abuse problem present.

The outcome of these assessments helps employers determine whether an employee in violation is able to continue working in the service of the public. Jobs such as school bus drivers, train operators, and airplane pilots are enormous responsibilities to the public which makes providing an in-depth and accurate analysis very important when it comes to SAP evaluations.

The Benefit of Rehabs and Tips For Knowing IOP Is The Right Choice Georgia

Don’t think twice if you know you are stuck with the addiction to the substance. It is evident that the addiction can be recovered by a proper method of rehabilitation. Check here to know the benefits of getting rehab treatment.

  1. Getting rid of the addiction as soon as possible can also improve your health. Excess drug or alcohol use leads to the declination of your health.
  2. While being sober, you can also spend more quality time with your loved ones, and this will make the bond stronger.
  3. When you start recovering from your addiction, you will realize how much of your money was invested in such substances. And, getting rid of them is saving a huge amount.
  4. Sobriety reflects on your health and appearance. In intoxication, you might look shabby and won’t care about it. But, when you are sober, you will take care of your appearance and feel confident about it.

While going for rehabs, people always tend to confuse if the treatment is the right choice for them or not. So, here are some tips to let you, IOP is the best choice for you. While going for the treatment, you must ensure that you are meeting these criteria –

  • IOPs are usually a step next to the treatment in outpatient programs, these help in keeping the environment calm. So, make sure you don’t have excess tension or any factors that can trigger you to reuse the substances.
  • Your family members or anyone close to you is sober. Most importantly, they can support you and understand you.
  • You are now ready to recover by putting in your dedication without any excuses. You are determined to achieve sobriety. The journey can be tough without any determination.
  • You won’t be able to stay long in a rehab because of the responsibilities of your home, children or office. Rather staying away from home is causing you stress.

SAP Evaluation Stage Georgia

DOT (Department of Transportation) requires the SAP (Substance Abuse Professional) to conduct evaluations for employees in safety-sensitive positions as regulated by (DOT). DOT has made it legitimate for all the companies to conduct the pre-employment, post-accident, random or reasonable suspicion, and return-to-duty drug and alcohol tests for the employees holding commercial driver licenses (CDLs). Our counsellors are well qualified who follow the step by step procedure needed to help you through the process of RTD (Return to Duty) as specified by DOT as against the violation of its drug and alcohol rules’.

Who needs SAP Evaluation?

  1. An employee who tests positive for drugs or alcohol.
  2. An employee who holds CDL.
  3. An employee has to obtain a substance abuse evaluation as the condition of the employment or for continued employment.

DOT-SAP Evaluation involves two steps:

  1.     The first stage SAP Evaluation involves
  • Face-to-face clinical interview and assessment.

To determine if the substance abuse problem exists or no and if it does then, what level of treatment shall be needed.

  • The further recommendation in the form of treatment for drug/ alcohol addiction or education(as determined by our SAP)
  • Continuous monitoring of the employee under the treatment process.

       2.The follow-up SAP Evaluation includes

  • Follow-up session that helps SAP to determine successful completion of treatment and thus, provide Notice a “Notice of Compliance,” or a “Notice of Noncompliance,” depending upon the employee’s performance throughout the programme.
  • Recommendations for further education or treatment (if needed)
  • Aftercare suggestions (as deemed necessary)
  • Written report to DER (Designated Employer Representative)

If the employer is satisfied with the report, he can order the conduct of Return to Duty test which should have a negative result to get you back on board, however, if it turns out to be positive you have to undergo the assessment and follow the program repeatedly, till you are deemed fit.

Online Family Violence Class By AACS Counseling

The word ‘family violence’ is not just restricted to physical abuse. It also includes emotional, sexual and economical harm. This situation arises when a person tries to control the behaviour and actions of other people in the family. Threats, violence and fear make it difficult for the victim to survive and live a free life. If the abnormal mentality of any person does not get proper attention and treatment on time, it may lead to severe situations like murder and suicide. The online family violence class from AACS helps people to become normal and leave the tendency of harming others.

If you feel that you or any other family member needs counseling related to family violence, then AACS 24-week online family violence class can do wonders. Approved by the court, this program has shown wonderful results in terms of behavior transformation.

This online program helps the people to discuss and open up about their trigger points that lead to anger and aggression. Sometimes people don’t know how to react in a particular situation and they start showing abnormal reactions such as anger and violence. In this particular program, people are suggested some better ways to handle the anger and respond in any situation.

Behaviour of any person does not change overnight. It requires lots of patience. Online family violence class lets the person understand the more healthy way of responding by demonstrating through case studies and different scenarios.

Family is a happy place and there should not be any space for violence. Especially kids who witness the violence can experience trauma and develop some fears for lifetime. Counselors at AACS try their best to bring a change via online family violence class. Separate classes for different genders and participants are allowed to express their perception and discuss their trigger points. So, fill the form for classes and experience a good change in the family.

What is DUI School Georgia?

If you are driving under influence (DUI), then you may consider an option of attending special program related to alcohol education offered by DUI School. If you are guilty of substance abuse and need to find a way to return to duty, then you must take these classes. In fact, it is a more convenient option than suspended licenses and court fines. Who should visit DUI School?
The drug and alcohol education can be very beneficial in creating awareness about the adverse impacts of addiction. You must attend this program if you have:
• Early signs of substance abuse disorder.
• DUI charge for the first time.
• Developed alcohol and drug addiction and it’s at initial stage.
Documents required at time of registration
Most of the times, the DUI School offers flexible time slots for the programs according to the schedule of the participants. The following documents are required at the time of registration:
• Traffic citation
• Copy of arrest affidavit
• Identification proof
• Reports of breath, urine and blood tests.
• Court order
• Driving history
What happens at DUI School?
State-certified instructors conduct special classes for specific hours. The entire program consists of lectures, discussions, instructions, evaluation and empowerment. Usually, there are two levels of this course.
The Level I involves substance abuse evaluation, activities and psychosocial evaluation. The charges for this course are between the range of $260 and $290.
The Level II of this program is more intensive and time-taking. You have to pay around $425 to get the benefit of interactive techniques in group sessions. The DUI School ensures that the size of the group is small to provide proper attention to every individual.
Whether you are arrested for DUI or concerned about the use of alcohol and drugs, the programs offered by DUI School are helpful for everyone.


The journey to treatment and recovery from a substance abuse condition begins with an evaluation done by a professional. While no single clinician can determine the presence of disorder with only one examination, the extensive process customized by a professional, as per each person’s need grant true insight into the extent of the condition. Few might feel nervous about an assessment, others might be intimated before taking such a step, but there’s nothing to fear if the disorder is handled by a professional.

The assessment is no longer classified as an option but an essential part to get someone’s life back on track. On the basis of this innovative and practical approach, the diagnose of substance abuse and related disorders is done followed by a treatment plan. AACS Atlanta has been performing a similar role to grant results one might expect.

Symptoms of Substance Abuse Disorder

Apart from the physical indicators that hint towards substance abuse, there are some other psychological symptoms found in a person’s personality that can be detected by healthcare professionals. Some of them include:

  • Higher consumption of the substance than the normal dosage.
  • Failure to cut down or stop consumption.
  • Rise in the recovering phase from the substance’s use.
  • Cravings and an irresistible desire for consumption.
  • Impacts observed in other aspects of social life.
  • Giving up on social or recreational activities.
  • An uncontrollable desire for the effect of substance use.

Assessment Components

As per the guidelines set by Health Services Administration, there are in total of two stages of the substance use disorder evaluation. These include:

  • Substance Abuse Screening
  • CAGE Questionnaire

Is The Assessment and Evaluation Effective?

For the success of substance abuse treatment, a patient’s integrity and willpower are the factors that count the most. If they are not found at the stage where they are willing to make changes in their lifestyle, then their incomplete commitment holds no place in the treatment’s efficiency. Such delicate matters achieve success only when they are dealt with with patience and a strategic approach.

At AACS Atlanta, our trained Health Institute professionals properly administer the stages and monitors growth from the moment of a patient’s arrival.

Our mission is to get your life back on the right path.


Due to the recent shutdown cause by COVID-19 many people are forced to stay at home.  But, the Same restrictions are now the reason for increased domestic violence. As per the survey by the United Nations 234 million women and girls between the ages of fifteen and forty-nine are the victims of sexual or physical violence. Being human, we understand that sometimes we lose control over our emotions, which results in our unexpected and aggressive behavior with our loved ones.

AACS Atlanta is here to protect your relations from your aggression and inappropriate behavior through our family violence intervention program. The goal of our FVIP program is to help those people who are suffering from domestic violence and finding a solution to get over this issue.

The unawareness of anger management solutions is also a reason for increasing domestic violence cases across the globe. Our approach includes studying real-time situations and investigating people’s emotional stability and responding to certain unwanted circumstances. Our FVIP program is developed to guide you to deal with your aggression in a healthy manner and without hurting yourself or your loved ones.

AACS Atlanta provides a 24-week COURT APPROVED Family Violence Intervention Program in many cities of several locations in the metro-Atlanta area. We cannot let you stay apart from your friends, family, or colleagues just because of your aggressive behavior, We mainly emphasize increasing the self-control and emotional strength of our clients.

AACS  Atlanta follows a standard practice to carefully collaborate with the community response teams to analyze and solve family violence efficiently. Anyone in Georgia can be a part of our PVIP program to end domestic violence. We are always available to help you out in dealing with situations that create aggression and can cause loss of self-control. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to enhancing and empowering you and emotionally to avoid any relationship breakup.

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