AACS Counseling prides itself on being a pioneer at the forefront of alternative sentencing solutions designed for individuals dealing with the multitude of quality-of-life offenses that can become a roadblock towards a successful and meaningful life. At AACS we have spent 25 years working towards perfecting these alternative methods and diversionary programs geared at handling issues of Addiction, Aggression, Violence, Fraud, Forgery, DUI, Drug Possession, Shoplifting, and other similar charges. Here at AACS, we have the ability to transform a detrimental arrest into the catalyst capable of propelling you towards a successful future. AACS specializes in Diversion, Restorative, and Accountability Court programs that can be obtained in lieu of a life-altering criminal conviction. It is AACS’s direction, through the use of evidence-based techniques deeply rooted in cognitive-behavioral interventions.

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Evaluations of all kinds are offered at AACS Counseling. Whether it be an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation or a Civil Evaluation, AACS Counseling prides itself in its ability to provide thorough evaluations, while also offering SAME DAY access to your evaluation paperwork.


AACS Counseling provides a multitude of different programs, classes, and treatment courses. Professional counselors provide Cognitive-Behavioral treatment in a manner that is engaging, inspiring, and fun. We aim to make your time with us memorable and life-changing.


Failed a random screen for the DOT? Accidentally got a refusal for a screen and now your job is on the line? Let AACS Counseling's SAP(Substance Abuse Professional) Evaluator get you back on the road as soon as possible

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AACS Counseling Addiction and Mental Health Counseling

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation, Anger Management Evaluation, DUI Evaluation, SAP for DOT Evaluation, Substance Abuse Assessment for Employment and all civil matters.


Alcohol and Drug Evaluation


Anger Management Evaluation


SAP Evaluation


Child Custody Fitness Assessment


Mental Health Assessment


Substance Abuse Assessment

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