8-Hour 420 Marijuana Class

The 8-hour 420 marijuana class is an educational program designed by the Prime for Life Institute. The curriculum helps individuals self-assess high-risk choices. It is an excellent program of awareness for individuals who engage in high-risk behavior. The curriculum may be delivered in person or virtually. It is an interactive process that requires participation and reflection. Classes are designed according to the ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) criteria for addiction treatment.  Specifically,  discussions will focus on developing the appropriate coping mechanisms to address the underlying stressors which either directly or indirectly led to the addictive or abusive behaviors.  Through rigorous scientific research and individual case studies, the ASAM has well understood that a key factor in reducing the likelihood of relapse is to preemptively address the triggers that lead to the perceived need to engage in old, self-destructive or addictive behaviors.  The classes challenge participants to become more self-aware and introspective in order to identify client-specific triggers.  Once clients become increasingly aware of these triggers and their internal responses, participants will explore adequate coping strategies. 
Among such coping techniques involves the process of psychological reframing where one’s initial, potentially unhealthy reaction is objectively questioned and reframed from an alternative perspective with the enhanced insights gained in the group setting.  Overall, the marijuana class supports individuals as they begin to restructure their fundamental cognitive patterns that undergird their addictive mindset in order to alleviate the disordered tendency to seek escape in unhealthy outlets.
8-Hour 420 Marijuana Class
Marijuana Class
By introducing healthy, alternative coping mechanisms in a well-instructive and supportive environment, 8-hour 420 marijuana classes  provide individuals with the chance to lead productive, fulfilling, and rewarding lives free from addiction and substance abuse.

The classes explore the psychoactive impairing and addictive nature of the cannabis plant. The discussion allows examining the potential medical use of CBD oil versus the addictive product consumed. Prime For Life 420 is an excellent way to begin the self-assessment process and determine your own level of occupation with cannabis. For more information on alcohol and drug assessments and the effects of marijuana.

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