AACS Counseling prides itself on being a pioneer at the forefront of alternative sentencing solutions designed for individuals dealing with the multitude of quality-of-life offenses that can become a roadblock towards a successful and meaningful life. At AACS we have spent 25 years working towards perfecting these alternative methods and diversionary programs geared at handling issues of Addiction, Aggression, Violence, Fraud, Forgery, DUI, Drug Possession, Shoplifting, and other similar charges.

Here at AACS, we have the ability to transform a detrimental arrest into the catalyst capable of propelling you towards a successful future. AACS specializes in Diversion, Restorative, and Accountability Court programs that can be obtained in lieu of a life-altering criminal conviction. It is AACS’s direction, through the use of evidence-based techniques deeply rooted in cognitive-behavioral interventions, that individuals may develop crucial life skills and coping strategies that can free them from the bondage of old habits, behaviors, and patterns of destructive thinking. 

Join us at AACS in shining the light of awareness into the lives of others, so that we may all feel the freedom, understanding, and peace that comes from seeing life a new.

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