The leading choice for Counseling for LGBTQ Drug Rehab. AACS counseling identifies as LGBTQ or LGBTQ- friendly. Our primary concern is your comfort. The success rate of recovery is higher when the individual is embraced and loved unconditionally during the initial recovery phase. Choosing the right LGBTQ Drug Rehab can be overwhelming. We suggest that you make an appointment and visit each site to determine what feels most comfortable to you. We say this because we mean it.

This is your life on the line! While we would love to be the ones to help you on your journey, we also know that finding the right fit is extremely important when choosing where you want to spend your initial moments in recovery. Our promise is to deliver a culturally competent and loving staff that knows first-hand what it takes to recover as an LGBTQ individual.
Here at AACS Counseling, we know the difficulties that come inherently with living as an LGBTQ individual and why an individual may turn to drugs or alcohol to help mask some of the internal and external struggles of a world that is not always the most accepting. Unfortunately, members of the LGBTQ community are at much higher risk for alcohol and drug use. You may be asking yourself why this is? The answer is much simpler than you would think. Because of the levels of judgment, and the insecurities one might have to suffer in pursuit of being the individual that they know themselves to be, there can be a huge amount of conflict that occurs simply because an LGBTQ individual exists as they are. While we at AACS find this type of culture abundantly horrid and outdated, we also know that the world has not caught up in many areas and is full of hatred and vitriol over matters they feel are of a moral nature as opposed to a natural state of being.
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Having to live in fear of what you are can lead to a life of stress, anxiety, depression, or even self-hate. These types of emotions are the breeding grounds for substance use and are unfortunately much more pronounced in the LGBTQ community.
It is for this reason that we have structured our program to deal with some of these very specific issues and to cater to the types of situations, thoughts, and feelings that can arise from being subjected to a culture that is behind the times. Even if you are in a place where many of these issues have been resolved have a community that accepts you, and are full of love for yourself and others, there is sometimes the underlying subconscious feeling that comes with knowing that somewhere out there you’ll never be accepted for who you are. I’m sure you have heard people say, and maybe even you have said to others: “you don’t have to care what other people think,” but unfortunately, this is easier said than done sometimes.
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Here at AACS Counseling our staff have first-hand experience with dealing with these sorts of issues and have not only come out on top in their own lives but have also been the catalyst by which many other individuals have been able to leave their substance use behind and learn to live a life of acceptance as opposed to expectation. There is really only one way to suffer in this life, and that is to wish that reality was different than it is. This includes the past, and it also includes trying to know what the future holds.

Our minds are meant to be used for our benefit, but when we use them to try to change the world mentally, then the obvious reaction that occurs is our body reacts negatively to something that by itself is unfixable. Unfortunately, no one has ever simply sat and thought their way into a new life. There is the thought that comes first but it is always the actions that define us and our world. Ask yourself some simple questions:
why do I give other people power over me? Do they really have that power or is it they are how they are, and I am wishing for them to be different? While it would be ideal for everyone to be as accepting as you might be the truth is that there are individuals who never will be and any time wasted trying to think them into changing is only doing the thinker the harm.

Resentment is a poison that you drink expecting the other person to die. Resenting yourself is simply drinking poison.
Being your problem is actually amazing because it means that you also are your greatest solution. Come take the journey with AACS Counseling and let’s do what we can to change our lives for the better. Give us a call at 800-683-7745

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