Court Approved Anger Management Evaluation

What is an Anger Management Evaluation?

One of our favorite heroes of lore here at AACS Counseling is Yoda from Star Wars. Yoda has a really beautiful saying that sums up where anger comes from and what it can eventually lead to:
“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to…. suffering”


Throughout our lives a common misconception is that our anger is born from outside ourselves created from the situations we find ourselves in, the people that we meet, listen to, argue with, etc. The truth is that you are the creator of all of your emotional states and these states always begin with a thought.

These thoughts are always in conflict with reality. Anytime your mind disagrees with what is happening you will invariable feel one of the gambits of “negative” emotions. I placed negative in quotations because that is a judgment on reality as well. Here’s an example you may be able to relate to.

Anger Management Evaluation
“Jane just got fired from her job. Her supervisor ended up firing her because some money had gone missing from the cash register and she blamed Jane because it had happened on her shift. Jane knows that it was not her and was furious at the allegation and became very irate and started yelling at her supervisor. The supervisor took her notice of her demeanor and had security escort her from the premises. Jane goes home and gets a less than ideal nights rest, searches for a job with someone who she can trust the following day. She is certain that her supervisor is the one that made her mad and lose it and that it is obviously their fault because they were wrong to begin with. A month passes by, and Jane is in an interview for a new job. She is asked about her previous employer and what happened. Jane’s mind goes back to that day and immediately her face flushes red as the anger builds up in her at the thought of her former employer. She then begins to bash her former boss and demean her calling her all sorts of names and even raising her voice in congruence with the emotions she is feeling. Again, she feels extremely justified. The interviewer takes note in her journal and tells her she will let her know about the job in the future. Jane thinks she has it in the bag as she is easily qualified for the position. That night she receives a text message from the employer saying that they were going to go with someone else because it seemed like Jane still had not resolved her abundant feelings about the previous employer. Jane starts fuming and immediately draws her ire towards the new supervisor. She is sure that that new supervisor is the one making her angry.”
Anger Management Class
The above example shows a very clear misunderstanding about where anger comes from: no one can make you angry it is you simply disagreeing with what is happening in reality. Take note that after a month Jane got mad at her previous employer, but the key thing to take note of here is that her previous employer is nowhere to be found. It was always her thoughts about the situation. Reality is exactly what it is, and any attempts to change it with our minds will result in the conflict that leads to all negative emotions which includes… yes you guessed it… ANGER.

Here at AACS Counseling this is the minimum of what you might learn about your own anger in the future, but the best place to start when it comes to figuring out what needs to be done for your own anger it is best to start with an Anger Management Evaluation.

Whether you are facing personal problems because of your anger issues, or you have had legal consequences stemming from your anger, you may want to consider consulting with a professional about how to deal with your anger.

An Anger Management Evaluation is conducted one-on-one with a trained counselor in a confidential setting. The process requires filling out a questionnaire about certain traits and patterns which can be found via the tools we utilize at AACS which are called the AMA-SF and the Anger Styles Questionnaire by Ronald T. Potter-Efron.

An Anger Management Evaluation is a simple process of answering a questionnaire and meeting with a professionally trained counselor to determine your needs. Everyone has a unique personality. Our Anger Management Evaluation’s are approached at AACS Counseling by taking into account cultural differences with the utmost respect for a person’s cultural context, values, and traditions. We will dive into you as individual with the hopes of coming up with a treatment plan best suited to your lifestyle. Getting your anger under control and eventually being able to channel it into something useful is always a noble endeavor.

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