DUI Clinical Evaluation

DUI Clinical Evaluation

DUI Clinical Evaluations are comprehensive assessments that an individual may undergo after receiving a DUI (Driving Under the Influence), a DWI, or a Drug related DUI. These evaluations are extremely useful because they acquiesce the two parties which are normally involved in a DUI scenario. A DUI Clinical Evaluation is useful for a probation officer/court related issues, but it is also useful for the Department of Driver Services (DDS)/Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It is very important to know that these are two completely separate entities, and it is totally possible to have everything taken care of for one and nothing for the other. This is where a DUI Clinical Evaluation really shines. 

If you have received a DUI, it is likely that your probation officer will give you a list of companies they typically work with, and they will tell you to make sure to get an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation. This is not necessarily wrong because it does work for them, but as soon as you try and get your license back the DDS/DMV will tell you need to undergo a DUI Clinical Evaluation which means you will have to pay to have another evaluation done when you could have done the DUI Clinical Evaluation in the first place. A company that knows what they are doing will always ask you what your charge was first because they will be trying to give you what you actually need. Unfortunately, this is the world that we are talking about and there are many companies who will attempt to swindle you at every opportunity.

Here are some major things to look out for when choosing a company to do an evaluation:

Is the evaluator certified to do what they are saying they are going to do, and is that evaluation useful for your particular scenario?
DUI Clinical Evaluation
Is this evaluator’s price far lower than other similar companies?
How long will it take for you to receive your evaluation

What is their response when you ask them about the possible outcomes of the evaluation?

DUI Clinical Evaluation

These are just a few questions to make sure you have answers to prior to starting you DUI Clinical Evaluation. DUI Clinical Evaluations can change in a few circumstances. Dependent on the state where you reside, if you have more than one DUI in a certain span of time you may have to undergo a Multiple DUI Clinical Evaluation. Another scenario you can find yourself in is if you have received a DUI in a state other than the one where you reside. If this is the case you will need to undergo an Out-of-State DUI Clinical Evaluation which is far more lengthy and costs significantly more than a regular DUI Clinical Evaluation.

A DUI Clinical Evaluation is typically the only route to getting your license back if it has been suspended for a DUI. This is usually just one of many stipulations that are given to you in order to qualify for your license once more. DUI Clinical Evaluation recommendations come in many forms, but are normally in the form of a span of time needed to be completed in an ASAM Level I treatment program. DUI’s are dissimilar to other infractions because the amount of treatment you have to complete is normally a length of time as opposed to a number of sessions or classes that need to be completed. For example:

Example 1

John was arrested after being pulled over for possession of Marijuana and had to undergo an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation. After completing the recommendation John was told he needed to complete 17 ASAM Level I treatment classes. Luckily for him he found a company who does these sessions 5 times a week! John was able to finish his treatment program in less than a month!

Example 2

John was arrested for a DUI after leaving a bar and crashing his vehicle into a parked car. John had to undergo a DUI Clinical Evaluation. After completing the recommendation John was told he needed to complete a Long-Term DUI ASAM level I treatment program for 4-12 months. John noticed that the company he was doing the classes with was doing sessions 5 times a week! John asked if he could get his classes done more quickly if he attended multiple sessions. Unfortunately, because of his DUI John could only receive credit for 1 session per week. Luckily John did not have any trouble throughout his treatment and was able to finish after just 4 months. John made a friend with a classmate who started at the same time. When they both went in to get their certificates John tested negative for all substances, but his friend tested positive for alcohol. John was able to finish but his friend ended up having to stay in treatment due to him not sticking to the treatment protocols.

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