ASAM Level 1 Classes

Substance and Addictive Disorders Evaluations

ASAM Level 1 classes are designed according to the ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) criteria for addiction Counseling. Specifically, ASAM Level 1 classes provide individuals with a supportive and instructive environment where they are encouraged to develop deeper insights into the causes and conditions, as well as the effects, of their addictive and abusive behaviors. It is well understood in the medical and scientific communities that substance abuse is associated with more fundamental or rudimentary cognitive deficits. Some of these deeper issues may be deficits in emotional regulation, diagnosable affective disorders, or a consequence of a myriad of other socio-cultural, environmental and/or genetic factors.

What is the ASAM Level 1 Counseling criteria?

Regardless of their specificity, instructors of the ASAM Level I classes are trained to assist clients in beginning to illuminate these underlying psychological issues in order to alleviate the drive to pursue addictive avenues to cope with life stressors. Often, additional resources such as one-on-one counseling or pharmacological therapy from licensed and certified clinicians may be necessary to support the Counseling process.
ASAM Level Classes
AACS Counseling uses a variety of treatment modalities but leans heavily into CBT (Coginitive-Behavorial Therapy). Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy can be defined as the following:

ASAM Classes Level II.5

What is the difference between ASAM Classes Level I and ASAM Classes Level II.5? The only difference between these two modalities is the intensity and frequency of the sessions. ASAM Level I classes are typically given at a minimum of 1 session per week but allow for more sessions to be completed in the same week whereas ASAM Classes Level II.5 is more about a set amount of time passing while the individual is in the program. This amount of time can range but is typically anywhere from 120 to 160 days with frequencies ranging from 2-3 times per week. Both courses are supplemented by randomized drug screening in order to keep the individuals honest during their time in the programs.
ASAM level I and ASAM Level II.5 are modalities that can truly help an individual recognize their issues and eventually find ways to either change their behaviors or at the very least their perspectives on why they may be using the substances they use. Addiction is a rampant issue across the globe, but it is likely more rampant than you might have believed. One of the great misconceptions is that the substance or thing that an individual is addicted to is the problem when, in reality, the thing they are addicted to is the solution to that problem. If an individual feels scared, anxious, uncomfortable, or simply bored, the addictive item or action is what solves this problem for them in the interim. Unfortunately, these types of solutions are only short-term and are a band aid placed upon a gaping wound.
Asam Classes
Most individuals on earth are addicted to what we would consider to be the socially acceptable forms of addiction which include things like: money, titles, social media, shopping, relationships, etc. The only reason that ASAM Level I and ASAM Level II.5 deal with substance abuse is that normally these non-accepted forms of addiction are either a detriment to the individuals health or they are placing them in a legal situation because of the illegal nature of their substance of choice.
Here at AACS we use ASAM Level I and ASAM Level II.5 to get at the root of the issue. Normally this can simply be defined as wanting to feel better than we already do, because the perception is that comfortable is a much better option than uncomfortable. The truth can be quite jarring when it is learned: uncomfortable situations are the greatest teachers in our lives and if pursuit of making uncomfortable situation comfortable ones is on the more noble endeavors one can undergo in their life.

ASAM Level I and ASAM Level II.5 are about bringing awareness to the forefront. They are about understanding the fundamental misconceptions we might have that normally are the direct result of our cultures, religions, and belief systems. Taking note of these things open the opportunity for rehabilitation which simply put means the disregard of previous thinking patterns that have been both instrumental in our downfalls.

The nice thing about recognizing these events and that they provide us with the ability to evolve and reach new conclusions about ourselves as collective humans and individuals.

Clients are highly recommended to fully participate in this collaborative recovery process in order to gain the greatest benefits. To register for an ASAM Level 1 Substance Abuse Counseling class, call 800-683-7745.

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