DUI School – Risk Reduction Program – RRP

RISK REDUCTION Program 20-hour DUI School

The risk reduction program is a 20-hour class usually offered on weekends or evenings. The curriculum used is Prime for Life by the PRI Institute. It is designed to assess high-risk behaviors and find new and healthy ways to engage in low-risk behaviors. The 20-hour DUI School is usually mandated by the court or by the Department of Drivers Services.

The first step is to register for a Needs Assessment. After you complete the Needs Assessment, you must attend the 20-hour DUI School or Risk Reduction Program in person within the given specified time.

The fee for the 20-hour course is $260.00.

This fee is set by the State. The 20-hour DUI School fee must be paid at least 24-hours in advance of the scheduled start day of the class.
The total for the complete DUI School also known as Risk Reduction Program is $360.00

To learn more about additional steps required by DDS and DBHDD of, Georgia, please visit the links below.

You must pay the 20-hour course Risk Reduction Program on or before the first day of class.

DUI School – Risk reduction program

Call to register 800-683-7745, or visit our website to reserve your spot.

What are the attendance policies for DUI, Alcohol, or Drug Use Risk Reduction courses?

All schools have strict attendance policies, which are outlined in the paperwork you sign when you contract with a school to attend one of its courses. You will be expected to arrive on time and to complete each session. Students that arrive late to any session can expect to be denied entry into class and may be required to start the course over again, at full cost. In addition, students that are absent or leave early from any session may be required to start the course over again, at full cost. It is recommended that you consider the course schedule carefully and take into account any potential scheduling conflicts you may have before signing a contract to attend.
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