DOT-Qualified SAP Program

DOT-Qualified SAP Program

The Department of Transportation (DOT) has implemented specific rules and regulations for its Drug and Alcohol programs. These rules and regulations ensure public safety, and individuals who violate these rules and regulations are automatically removed from their jobs. The good news is these individuals can safely and promptly return to duty by completing the DOT-Qualified SAP program.

If you are currently prohibited from performing safety-sensitive duties due to a DOT violation, look no further. AACS Counseling has a team of DOT-Qualified Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) to assist you in returning to duty safely and efficiently.

DOT-Qualified SAP Program
DOT-Qualified SAP Program with Nationwide SAP Professionals

AACS Counseling at Your Service:

AACS Counseling’s DOT-Qualified SAPs are not just professionals; they are certified experts who understand how substances impact the brain and body, the various stages of recovery, and the effects of substance use on families. What I love about AACS Counseling’s DOT-Qualified SAPs is their nonjudgmental approach, acknowledging and understanding the unique needs of each individual.

AACS Counseling’s DOT-Qualified SAPs are available to assist you throughout your return to duty process. The staff is friendly and welcoming. They even have same-day appointments available. The SAP will clinically evaluate you to determine your unique needs.

AACS Counseling understands how challenging it could be for someone to lose the job they love doing the most. So, to help facilitate the return to duty process, its DOT-qualified SAPs collaborate with a team of dedicated case managers to assist you and answer all your questions.

Expedited Services and Continued Support:

If you want to return to duty as soon as possible and efficiently, reach out to AACS Counseling today. Another advantage is that you will be assigned a dedicated case manager who will always be available to assist you when needed. I mean they will be available to answer any questions even after you complete the SAP program and return to duty. They can communicate directly with your employer and address any questions they may have about your return to duty requirements.

Why Choose AACS Counseling?

Another benefit of contacting AACS Counseling is its affordable payment options. AACS Counseling allows its clients to pay for the return-to-duty program as they go. This ensures that you have access to the support you need. AACS Counseling staff will connect you with one of their experienced DOT-Qualified SAPs even if you are unable to make a one-time payment for your SAP evaluations. They will explain all the steps to you so you understand the DOT requirements before signing up for their DOT-Qualified SAP program. If you need a comprehensive understanding of the DOT requirements about the return to duty process, reach out to AACS Counseling today. Their DOT-Qualified SAPs will provide you with the support you need.

Are you ready to return to duty but don’t know how to proceed? Don’t worry! AACS Counseling is here to support you. Call today to discuss your return to duty requirements and your payment options. The sooner you reach out to AACS Counseling, the sooner you can complete the SAP program.

Let AACS Counseling’s DOT-Qualified SAPs help you return to duty as soon as possible, efficiently and safely. You can get detailed information on the DOT SAP program by visiting

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