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Needing some information about a DUI evaluation? If you were arrest driving under the influence, you may be required to undergo a DUI evaluation. A DUI evaluation is an evaluation that is used to confirm the extent of an individual’s substance use and whether they are in need of treatment. In this publication, we will be walking you through a detailed guide on how to obtain a DUI evaluation and what to expect during the evaluation process.

Determine Where to Get a DUI Evaluation

The first step in obtaining a DUI evaluation is to determine where to get one. You can typically obtain a DUI evaluation from a substance abuse treatment center, a licensed mental health professional, or a DUI-specific evaluator. It is important to ensure that the evaluator you choose is licensed and certified to conduct DUI evaluations in your state.

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment

Once you have identified where to obtain a DUI evaluation, the next step is to schedule an appointment. Being able to give your name, contact information, and a description of your DUI offense is expected. The evaluator will then schedule a date and time for your evaluation.

Step 3: Complete the DUI Evaluation

During the evaluation, the evaluator will ask you questions about your substance use history, including the amount and frequency of your alcohol or drug use. They may also ask about any previous substance abuse treatment you have received, your mental health history, and your current living situation. In addition to the interview, the evaluation may also involve physical tests such as blood work or a breathalyzer test.

Step 4: Receive a Report

After completing the DUI evaluation, you will receive a report from the evaluator. The individualized report will include a summary of your substance use history and a recommendation for treatment. If the evaluator determines that you have a substance use disorder, they may recommend that you undergo substance abuse treatment or counseling. The evaluator may also recommend that you attend DUI education classes, participate in a support group, or undergo regular drug and alcohol testing.

Step 5: Follow the Treatment Plan

If the evaluator recommends that you undergo substance abuse treatment, it is important to follow the treatment plan. Recommended treatment programs can include inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, individual or group therapy, and other forms of support. It is important to take your recovery seriously and to follow the recommendations of your evaluator and treatment team.


obtaining a DUI evaluation is an important step in addressing substance abuse and preventing future DUI offenses. You can find a licensed evaluator and understand what to expect during the evaluation process by following the instructions above. Receiving a DUI can seem like a world ending affair but with the right treatment and support, you can overcome addiction and achieve a healthy, fulfilling life in recovery.

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