ASAM Level I Classes Florida

ASAM Level

ASAM Level I Classes criteria describe the treatment as a continued program marked by four and maybe even sometimes five broad levels of service including early intervention. Within these five broad levels, decimal markers are used to dive deeper into the intensity of service. 

This gives patients the opportunity to move up or down in terms of levels of intensity without having to move to the next benchmark level of care if they feel as though they aren’t fully ready yet. These treatment programs offer specialized services on a scheduled basis for individuals with alcohol and other drug abuse problems.

ASAM Level programs also provide patients with a unique way of sharing their life stories with group members in hopes of benefiting from the input of others. As a patient goes through the different ASAM levels they will learn a variety of socially acceptable values such as self-reliance, responsibility, competency, individual achievement, individual/community protection, and the importance of the family.

Along with that and many other topics discussed through these programs, the counselors in ASAM Level I classes also play a big part. They can be beneficial in supplying information to help clients gain knowledge to make better decisions in their daily lives.

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